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Title: Craftsman vs. Factory
Created By: Melanie Smethers
Grade Level(s): 8th
Content Statement: 23
Summary: In this lesson the students will analyze how the Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries changed the means of production as a result of improvements in technology, use of new power resources, the advent of interchangeable parts and the shift from craft work to factory work. Note: This Unit Plan was designed for a Middle School Special Education class of cross-category disabilities with the primary group having a Cognitive Disability. Class length is 50 minutes. The level of work crosses several grade levels of ability for this reason. Word Banks are supplied for lessons and all material is read aloud. These students are familiar with the Scientific Method and use it often to solve problems. It is used in this lesson as a framework for the craftsman and production potter experiment.
Date Modified:10/6/2015
Lesson Files:  CraftsmanFactory-1.zip

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