Lesson Plans

Explore lesson plans created by TAH participants. Lesson plans are correlated to the Ohio Academic Content Standards.

Lessons without a number in the Content Statement column may have been written to OLD versions of the academic content standards, and are included for reference.

4th Grade Lessons

TitleGrade LevelContent StatementCreated ByDate
Historical Narrative: Step into a Moment in History  4th2Anne Pipps and Ken Rocco5/1/2023
Prehistoric People - Mound Builders  4th2Kristen Fudale4/12/2016
The 13 Colonies – Why Did We Unite?  4th4Kelli Ternent & Vicki Burley4/12/2016
Ohio – From Territory to Statehood  4th5Kim Bartoe & Dylan Dettling4/12/2016
Tecumseh  4th6Kristen Fudale4/12/2016
The Battle of Lake Erie: Making the War of 1812 Relevant to 4th Graders  4th6Cathy Svenson4/12/2016
The Frontier Wars including the Greenville Treaty   4th6Vicki Burley4/12/2016
Voices From the Past - War of 1812  4th6Karen Hazlett4/12/2016
John Brown: Hero or Traitor (Abolitionist)  4th7Kim Bartoe & Dylan Dettling4/12/2016
Road to Freedom  4th7Diane Fuller & Susan Haury4/12/2016
Slavery/Underground Railroad  4th7Bethany Payne9/6/2017
The Effects of Technology  4th8Anne Pipps4/12/2016
Finding the Perfect Home (Immigration)  4th13Diane Fuller, Susan Haury, Karen Hazlett 4/12/2016
Immigration – United States and Ohio  4th13Linda Parsell & Melissa Springer-Mest4/12/2016
Irish Immigration to Ohio  4th13Kristen Fudale9/6/2017
Low Bridge, Everybody Down - Canals  4th14Kim Bartoe and Dylan Dettling4/12/2016
Transportation Creates Changes  4th14Diane Fuller, Susan Haury, Karen Hazlett 4/12/2016
First Amendment and Problem Solving Government  4th19Dana Perkins4/12/2016
Ohio and U.S. Government  4th21Cheryl Bruce4/12/2016
Entrepreneurs – Risk – Profit: The Wright Brothers   4th23Catherine Svenson4/12/2016
Amish and Appalachian Populations  4th Janet Lippincott9/1/2010
Amish Culture  4th Kelli Ternent9/1/2010
Beyond the Drinking Gourd  4th Jacqueline Dukes10/29/2010
Boom to Bust: Coal Mining in Ohio  4th Karen Haines9/1/2011
Cultural Influences Between Europeans and Native Americans  4th Karen Hazlett9/8/2010
Cultural Practices and Products of Historic Indians  4th Karen Haines9/4/2009
Does the Company Store Really Own Souls?  4th Melissa Springer-Mest5/25/2012
Economics and Coal Mining  4th Karen Hazlett & Diane Fuller 9/2/2011
Historic Native Americans Interactions with Settlers  4th Kathryn Kanis7/23/2013
Industry in Akron, Toledo, Youngstown  4th Kelli Ternent6/23/2011
Making the “Wright” Choice  4th Janet Lippincott6/13/2011
Ohio’s Mining, Manufacturing and Agricultural Opportunities  4th Sharon Strott & Jane Ridinger9/1/2010
Productive Resources  4th Linda Parsell6/22/2011
Productive Resources in Ohio  4th Kristen Fudale6/13/2011
Push and Pull Factors of German Immigration  4th Devin Artz6/4/2010
Slavery/Underground Railroad  4th Barb Lang7/25/2013
The Impact of the Moravian settlements on Ohio Indians.  4th Mary Vasek6/4/2010
Transportation Changed Ohio  4th Vicki Burley6/13/2011

5th Grade Lessons

TitleGrade LevelContent StatementCreated ByDate
What Makes the Mississippian a Civilization?  5th2Janet Lippincott10/6/2015
Same and Different: Cultures and Regions North and South of the Equator  5th6Kathleen Becks10/6/2015
The Midwest…It’s More than just Cows and Corn!  5th6Julie Benear10/6/2015
Where You Live Influences How You Live: North American Native Cultural Areas  5th8Janet Lippincott 10/6/2015
Great Lakes Navigation: To Be Or Not To Be  5th10Dana Perkins10/6/2015
Immigration…Where in the World are You From?  5th10Julie Benear and Mick Madenfort10/6/2015
Democracy, Dictatorship or Monarchy…Which one is for you?  5th12Mick Madenfort and Julie Benear10/6/2015
It's Time to Pay the Piper  5th14Dana Perkins10/6/2015
The Future of Zoar  5th14Dana Perkins10/6/2015
Great Lakes, Great Cities: The Development of a Regional Economy in the Post-Canal Era  5th17Kathleen Becks10/6/2015
Expansion of the United States  5th Judith Latsch9/8/2010
Immigration  5th Barb Lang9/8/2010
Immigration- Angel Island  5th Kim Bartoe9/1/2010
Machine vs. Hands  5th Ken Rocco6/22/2011
Native Americans  5th Kim DelMonico and Kristie Dulin6/15/2009
The Industrial Revolution  5th Carol House5/11/2009
What Does 1492 Have to do with Today?  5th Julie Benear9/1/2010
Where I’m From  5th Bara Lang9/1/2011

8th Grade Lessons

TitleGrade LevelContent StatementCreated ByDate
Primary Source Perspectives  8th1Melanie Smethers10/6/2015
Hey, I Want This Land, You Have to Go! (French and Indian War)  8th2Susan Walker10/6/2015
May the Best Country Win  8th3Nancy Tyrrell10/6/2015
The Revolutionary War (Causes)  8th5Sarah Zetts10/6/2015
Who’s in Charge of this Mess? (Articles of Confederation)   8th7Susan Walker10/6/2015
Being a President  8th8Melanie Smethers10/20/2015
Let's Make a Deal  8th9Susan Elliott10/7/2015
The United States & Mexico: Treaties and Purchases  8th9Nicole Booher10/6/2015
Seekers, Keepers, Losers, Weepers  8th13Anna Rohn10/6/2015
There is More to a Map than Meets the Eye   8th13Jay Wise10/6/2015
Canals –15 miles on the Ohio & Erie Canal  8th14Jay Wise10/6/2015
Westward Migration and Manifest Destiny  8th14Jay Wise10/6/2015
The Northwest Territory  8th15Nicole Booher10/6/2015
Consequences of African American Enslavement   8th16Susan Elliott10/6/2015
I Have Persevered, I Am Worthy (Cultural Bias)  8th16Jay Wise10/6/2015
Push-Pull-Kick-Drag: Ohioans Coming & Going (The Mormons)  8th16Jay Wise10/6/2015
Craftsman vs. Factory  8th23Melanie Smethers10/6/2015
Economic Times During the American Civil War  8th23Nancy Tyrrell10/6/2015
Economics: Decisions! Decisions!  8th25Susan Elliott10/6/2015
Credibility of Resources: The Boston Massacre & Kent State Shootings  8th Vinny Diorio6/1/2009
Great Awakening Biases – Stereotypes – Prejudice   8th Sarah Zetts7/23/2013
How a Bill Becomes a Law  8th Susan Walker5/8/2009
Reconstruction – Amendments   8th Barb Edgar7/23/2013
Religious Diversity in America  8th Susan Walker6/4/2010
The Bill of Rights  8th Brad Rogers4/27/2009
Who Has All the Resources?  8th Susan Elliott6/13/2011

High School Lessons

TitleGrade LevelContent StatementCreated ByDate
Muckrakers in the Progressive Era  HS14Bill Sullivan8/17/2016
Suffrage  HS14Brandi Keplinger & Mark Tomecko8/17/2016
The Unintended Consequences of Prohibition   HS19Jack Cooper10/6/2015
U.S. Mobilization of World War II   HS22Dawn Booher10/6/2015
Women's Role in World War II  HS22Brandi Keplinger and Elaine Totten10/6/2015
The Cold War, the Red Scare and McCarthy  HS25Dawn Booher8/17/2016
The Times…They Are a-Changin’  HS26Jack Cooper8/17/2016
Bombingham, Alabama  HS28Elaine Totten8/17/2016
Freedom Summer  HS28Jack G. Cooper10/6/2015
Sunbelt Transition  HS30Mark Tomeko & Brandi Keplinger8/17/2016
What It Means to be Free: Debating the Proper Role of Government  HS31Mark Tomecko8/17/2016
Americans Who Make A Difference  HS Elaine Totten and Mandy Miller6/4/2010
Civil Rights Movement – Society Changes Its Direction  HS Victoria Dahl9/4/2009
Japanese Internment   HS Brandi Keplinger and Elaine Totten6/1/2009
Review: A War without a War: A Brief Look at U.S. Developments after 1945  HS Brandi Keplinger6/13/2011
Robber Barons or Captains of Industry?  HS Jack Cooper7/23/2013
The Economics of Opportunity  HS Rob Howerton6/13/2011
The Emergence of the American Middle Class at the Turn of the Century   HS Mark T. Tomecko6/23/2011
The Great Migration; Causes and Effects  HS Brandi Keplinger & Mark Tomecko6/4/2010